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Playlist: decolonoize internatonal

We are introducing our DECOLONOIZE INTERNATIONAL playlist. Follow on Spotify to stay up-to-date with the best new music by fellow artists like The Muslims, Mannequin Pussy, Proper., Willow, Nova Twins, Otoboke Beaver, Big Joanie and many more. This Playlist will be gradually updated so don’t… Read More »Playlist: decolonoize internatonal

Playlist: decolonoize ger

We are happy to invite you to follow our first spotify playlist called DECOLONOIZE GER featuring musicians and bands of color based in Germany. Including Nervöus, Zouj, Oy, Anti-Corpos, Nashi44, Oyèmi Noize, Ebow, Naari and others. Make sure to stay up to date as this… Read More »Playlist: decolonoize ger