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Black Ends (US) + Support: Taffee

Revaler Str. 99

10245 Berlin


Black Ends’ self-described gunk-pop is about as sweet as that wad of asphalt-crusted bubblegum you found stuck on the bottom of your favorite boots. Much like the legendary grunge bands that influenced the Seattle trio, Black Ends is artfully adept at smothering catchy pop and rock structures with toxic levels of grime; but please don’t call them “post-grunge”, the term used to describe the major label wave of flannel-clad bands trying to capitalize on grunge’s aesthetic. If you must, “post-post-grunge” may be more apt at capturing Black Ends’ reaction against this type of commercialization.

Black Ends has quickly become one of the most beloved bands in Seattle. 2021 and 2022 have been years of massive growth for the band as they’ve performed live on KEXP and Band in Seattle, and shared the stage with bands such as Margaritas Podridas, Shannon & The Clams and Childbirth. They experienced remarkable success on their first West Coast tour this year and have much to look forward to, including upcoming shows with The Jins and Otoboke Beaver.

Berlin, 2019: Four strangers knocked off corners in a weird city where everyone is strange, and became Taffee, and stuck, unmistakably, against each other holding sticky on the feet of some teenage fantasy involving DIY fruit rollups, QueerPunk, Tang, No Wave and proto melodies. So they march to the beat of the relentless cheerio band, and bend their wills against the sane and ever present reality, and strike a pose to hold in disdain, all that is mundane.

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