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code of conduct

As a collective we aim at creating a safe space for everyone involved in our projects. From
the staff we work with, artists we book, members of our collective to guests and audiences, we
make sure that everyone is treated with utmost respect. We have a zero-tolerance policy when
it comes to a violation of a person’s safe space. Our definition of a safe space is

• a place where anyone can express themselves without fear of being made to feel
uncomfortable, unwelcome, or unsafe due to biological sex, race/ethnicity, sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression, cultural background, religious affiliation,
age, or physical or mental ability.
• a place where the rules protect everyone’s boundaries, basic human rights and strongly
encourages everyone to respect others. Sexual violence is prohibited, racism is
prohibited, islamophobia is prohibited, anti-semitism, is prohibited, misogyny is
prohibited, queerphobia is prohibited, transphobia is prohibited. Any other similar
violations involving any discrimination against another person are prohibited. Let’s all
just respect each other and be genuinely inclusive!

Respect and responsibility

Harassing and aggressive behavior are grounds for immediate intervention by the collective.

• Aggressive behavior includes verbal threats or physical aggression, using racial,
gender, age, sexual orientation, or cultural slurs against another person.
• Harassment includes creating an unpleasant or hostile situation by consistent uninvited
and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct
• Intentional intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording,
inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.

Open and fair communication, conflict resolution

We communicate openly and respectfully with each other. Conflicts are resolved in a fair and
objective manner to produce an effective solution. We always welcome constructive

Honesty and integrity

We aim for fair- and open-minded interactions and exchange on a personal, creative and
socially responsible level. We try our best to act consistently, honestly and with integrity
while having in mind that an intersectional alignment requires continuous processing and
possibly adjustments. We are open for conversations if those are based on mutual respect and
the basic rules mentioned above.